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Railway day 2010

25. 9. 2010-30. 11. 2010

Railway day 2010
Railway staion Lihovec

Libor Machálek

Krátké a úderné divadlo Liberec

20. 4. 2005 do 30. 6. 2005

Dům kultury Liberec,
Soukenné nám. 1
460 01 Liberec

Exhibition is held from 20. 4. 2005 until 30. 6. 2005 and opening will be enriched...

by the concert of The Pipe Musician band (Liberec).

Exhibition topic is about railway technoligy. Entry is free. Theatre opening hours are every day except Sunday from 11.00AM until 22.00. You can find Kratke a Uderne divadlo in the Culture house in Liberec, entrance D.

Exhibition installation 1

Railway day in Jablonné v Podještědí

27. 9. 2014-30.11.2014

Railway muzeum
Jablonné v Podještědí

Exhibition is held in the railway muzeum (railway station building) in Jablonne v Podjestedi due to the railway day. The exhibition has been organized by Mrs. Kveta Vlckova. We would like to thank Kveta for her effort and help which she input into the event.

Photos have been downloaded from the Facebook profile of Mrs. Kveta Vlckova.

Raliway station Liberec

Railway day on steam

24. 9. 2011-30. 11. 2011

Railway day on steam
Railway station Liberec

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